POE5 Data files

POE5 includes 158 data files in various formats. Using the links below you can download all files in a *.ZIP format, or download individual files. The data definition files should be downloaded by all users. Note: Users of previous editions should download all the data files again. Some data files from previous editions have been updated.

ASCII files (*.dat) are text files containing only data. Variable names are in *.def files.

Comma separated values (*.csv)

Data definition files (*.def) are text files containing variable names, definitions and summary statistics.

EViews workfiles (*.wf1) 

Excel spreadsheets (*.xlsx) 

GRETL data sets (*.gdt) and more can be freely obtained from Lee Adkins' GRETL web page.

R data sets (*.rdata)  

SAS data sets (*.sas7bdat) 

Stata data sets (*.dta) 

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