SAS dataset files (*.sas7bdat)

Example: Download the dataset into a subdirectory, such as c:\data\sas. Load the data set "airline" into SAS and view its contents using the SAS commands

    data airline; set "c:\data\sas\airline"; proc contents; run;

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Download all the SAS files in (a)  ZIP format or (b) a self-extracting EXE file (download and double-click)

Select individual SAS files from the table below.

airline cola gold meat profits tax
alcohol cola2 golf medical pub tax2
andy commute growth metrics pubexp term
asparas computer grunfeld mexico qtm texas
bangla consumption grunfeld2 mining quizzes theories
beer cps grunfeld3 money returns tobit
bond cps_small hhsurvey monop rice tobitmc
br cps1 hip mroz robbery toodyay
br2 cps2 house_starts music salary transport
broiler crime housing nels sales truffles
brumm csi hwage nels_small savings tuna
byd demand indpro newbroiler share uk
canada demo inflation nls sheep unit
capm2 edu_inc insur nls_panel sirmans usa
cars euro ivreg1 nls_panel2 sp utown
cattle exrate ivreg2 oil spurious vacan
ces fair jobs olympics sterling vacation
cespro figureC-3 korea orange stockton var
ch10 florida learn oscar stockton2 vec
chard food liquor oz stockton96 vote
cloth fullmoon lon1 phillips surplus vote2
clothes fultonfish lon2 phillips2 table2-2 wa-wheat
coal gascar lond_small pilots table-c2 yield
cobb gasga london pizza table-c3
cocaine gdp manuf pro table-c4

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